Shower Conversions


In any basic family home in the United States built within the last few decades, you’ll usually find a standard tub/shower combo. While having a bathtub may seem luxurious to some, they’re often awkward and difficult to step in and out of, especially if one just wants to take a shower! It’s entirely likely that most people who own a home never even use the tub portion, and simply wish they had a shower that was easier to access. Whether your needs are based on physical ability or personal preference, we here at Bathmaster can transform your tub/shower combo into a beautifully designed walk-in shower that is safe, durable, and easily accessible to everyone.

Whether you need a handicap-accessible shower for wheelchair access or a shower with a lower threshold, our quality crafted shower pans are available in countless sizes and colors. We also offer acrylic tub liners, wall liners, and wall surrounds for an attractive finish that’s both practical in use and elegantly designed. Because the tub/shower combo is so popular in home bathroom design, you may be in a position where you are left without the option to add a shower separate from your bathtub; luckily, our experienced technicians can easily change out the existing tub/shower combo in your bathroom for a spacious shower that will meet all of your bathing needs.

Contact our team today to learn more about tub to shower conversions and how we can convert your current tub/shower design into something both functional and stylish.